Click on this symbol for help. Help 1. Please be informed that you are not our client. You do not become our client until we officially notify you that your case has been accepted. 2. If you have a court hearing or deadline coming soon, do not miss it. Protect your rights while you are applying for help. 4. Please fill this application out as the person seeking legal help. If you are helping someone else, complete it using his/her information and not yours. 5. You must meet certain conditions for us to help you: a. You must be low income. You will need to provide your income and asset information. c. The problem must be in our service area. e. We cannot help you if you are already represented by an attorney. d. We cannot help you if we are already helping the person with whom you have the problem. b. Your legal problem must be a type we handle. We do not do criminal cases or traffic violations.  click here  click here 6. Completing this application does not by itself create an attorney-client relationship or mean your case will be accepted. 7. The information we collect here is used only to decide if you are eligible for our services. If you do not fit or accept these conditions, you will need to find someone else to help you with your problem.
 click here  I have read the above and understand it. I know I need to protect my rights by taking any necessary steps while applying for help.
 click here 3. If this is an emergency, such as a court hearing or deadline due soon, you NEED to contact us at the Call Center: 1-800-498-1804.